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This will be the last entry for the foreseeable future on this blog.

Laurap Linden finally made another SL blog posting on the trademarks issue. It is a consoderably better post with far more detail than the previous efforts. Unfortunately, trademark law is really complicated and a lot of what the law actually allows – for the trademark owner and for the average witness – to be rather relative.

My own gripe is still with the whole idea that Linden Lab, hell, then anyone can make claim to a trademark consisting of two letters of the alphabet – neither being a vowel, hence not even an acronym. And I really don’t care what the context is.

7. Does Linden Lab have exclusive rights in the letters “SL” combined? Is any use of “SL” in a product or service name, business or organization name, or domain name going to be a trademark issue?Yes, we have trademark rights in “SL” in connection with our virtual world goods and services. Any use of “SL” cannot infringe or dilute our trademark. Uses in brand names that are likely to present trademark issues include (but aren’t limited to) those where “SL” refers to “Second Life” and the use doesn’t comply with our license to use “SL”, and those uses for or related to virtual world goods or services.

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At the same time, I consider my self a releasable person and i do recognize that Linden Lab has the full legal right to control the use of their recognized and legal trademarks. So, it is with that that I am converting SL Review over to a different paradigm.

It’s actually a bit refreshing anyway. Time to add a little color to the look of this thing and make it a little easier to read. So I don’t think of this as ‘giving-in’. Rather, I view it as expanding things. I’m not limiting myself to Second Life any more. I’ve been looking at a few other grids and even a few other virtual worlds. So it only makes sense, really.

However, SL REview – the very blog you are reading right now – is being placed into hiatus. This is will be the last post here. Though I will leave it here. Primarily to not break links to the articles inside. And I will wait for the cease and desist letter from Linden Lab – if it ever comes.

In which case, I’ll make a big stink about it in this blog – the new version of this blog (link below), my “Virtual Attitude” blog and my Store blog. And I’ll have a lot of fun doing it. You see, I don’t consider myself a ‘fanboi’ of Linden Lab. I do consider myself a realist. I don’t get pissed off or angry about silly thing. But I do get passionate when I know I’m right.

So, if my highly opinionated ranting hasn’t chased you away yet and you actually are a glutton for punishment in wanting more – then the new version of this blog can be reached at the new “Virtual World Review” (

Oh, and if the Lindens do drop the proverbial hammer – no worries. Everything here on this blog is over there on that blog. Everything except the wonderful statistics I received on my posts here. but oh well.

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