Apple Computer, Inc. officially in Second Life?

Very difficult to say. However, MACNN has discovered a paten application files by Apple Computer, Inc. that clearly describes an onlin shopping atmosphere and in the details, very strong clues to a 3D world.

Is this world Second Life or is it going to be something proprietary or a mixture of both? For now, who knows? But, no matter if it’s Second Life, There, Vastpark or even World of Warcraft – if any commercial company can make a damned good go of their presence ina virtual world, Apple Computer – Steve Jobs and company can do it.

So what does any of this have to do with Apple? Simply put, one of Apple’s latest patents presents us with a number of clues that indeed indicate that they’re creating some kind of a virtual world environment in their labs at this very moment. Note here in their patent FIG. 9 where they’re clearly presenting the notion of it being “sunny.” Although that may sound strange, Apple’s patent goes on to clarify that by stating that “environmental/atmospheric indicators are also included.

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