O – noez! Torley the sales man! LOL

I CAN HAS SPACENAVIGATOR? New bundle of unexpected tutorials presented by Torley Linden today. Unexpected because his ‘quicktips’ usually surface on Tuesdays and Weekly Tips are usually Fridays. But today in Monday and there is now another set: the Infomercial Tutorials! Woot!

At the end of his post is where the ad comes in:

“You can buy the SpaceNavigator Personal Edition (which also works with 100+ other applications like Photoshop and Google Earth) at a typical price of US$50-60 at a number of places…”

Now I know at first glance it looks like I’m complaining. Not at all! :)

Actually, I thinks it great that these versions of tutorial appear. There are a lot of add-on hardware peripheral devices that are finally starting to appear with Second Life functionality built-in (even if the product itself has been around for awhile.)

I have a similar device that is designed for video editing (my first life forté) and it’s basically the same thing, except the dial doesn’t rock forward and back or side-to-side and doesn’t pull-up (it does act as a button, though). It’s specifically designed for Finalcut Pro and Sony Vegas among pther higher-end video editing apps, not “gaming’ software. Yes, I said it. “Gaming” software, because we all know the manufacturers of these devices lump SL into the same bin as WoW.

Oh well.

Check out Torley’s awesome as usual tutorials, even if you don’t already have one of these things. The presentation is always so entertaining whether you want the info that’s presented or not.

And I wish Torley would slow-down. I promised him a DVD with all these tutorials. It’s all I can do to keep-up! Hey, Torley… slow down and give me a chance to take a breath! LOL

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