Making a living from SL business? Careful…

So many people claim to be making a lot of real money inside Second Life. These are the whiners on the SL blog, every chance they get, regardless if the post is relevant or not. In fact, their diatribe whining sounds shrill most of the time and in many cases is completely laughable.

“It is better to let people think you a fool, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

This happens so much on the SL blog, it’s laughable. For instance, when it was announced how Linden Lab will lower to price of new private estate sales to $1000, down from $1700 (rounded). The shrill diatribes and whining was an absolute hoot to read. As I’ve already mentioned, when the stock market crashes, it won’t affect you in the least, until you sell.

So the claims that the ‘value’ of their ‘investments’ were instantly diminished by 40% or more is a ridiculous claim. Even if the price of new sims didn’t fall, it was a really piss-poor ‘investment’ to begin with because a ‘used’ island never, ever sells for anywhere near what the original purchase price was.

There also are a lot of shrill whining about how unstable the grid is, and complaints about how the asset servers are ‘screwing up business’ and all that tripe. Hey, I have the same complaints. But my complaints are because I am a premium member and I want the fun I am paying for – not the frustration caused by these glitches.

However, when these so-called ‘business’ people whine and complain about the instabilities of the grid whacking their businesses and it costs them ‘livlihood’ – then I have to laugh. Because a serious real life business based inside SL it a really stupid proposition.

But this also brings to mind – every time these people cash-out, that is to say: convert their Linden Dollars to Legal Currency, are they reporting and paying their taxes? I’ve been saying for a long time now that taxes are coming to Second Life – it’s only a matter of time before congress and all the greedy politicians who can’t keep from groping our collective asses while reaching into our back pockets find an excuse to do it.

Since I suspect most are not… I foresee some serious trouble for them down the road. There is a pretty good article about how money-laundering is a pretty ridiculous concept when it comes to siphoning legal tender through Second Life. However, reading between the lines (as Congress certainly must be) – I see the loophole they are looking for, and the virtual paper trail that will eventually bite a lot of people in the ass.

Overall, it’s a pretty good read. Here is a talkback comment to that article (link to the article below):

“However, the exchange from Linden dollars to U.S. dollars which Linden Lab facilitates *is* a traceable exchange and no different than any real world economic transaction. And since Linden Lab takes out a transaction fee, you can be sure they maintain ledgers which can be reviewed by the IRS or any other country’s authorities, as necessary.”

Full article: Second Life: Better Off Dead?


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