A Second Life ‘era’ ends, to the detriment of all

“The Moment of Truth”

Among the more popular, and better known open sourse Second Life Viewers was the Nicholaz versions. They are stable, rock solid and lacked so many crashing and other bugs. For instance, Nicholaz was able to find and fix the problem of attachments ending up in your rectum after a teleport. He found many a memory leak and plugged them. His viewer was a pleasure to use and a model for the lindens to follow.

However, apparently, the Lindens follow no one. Even if it means they travel a bad, bumpy path that leads into toe wrong direction.

Unfortunately, the Nicholaz Viewer is being put to rest.

It’s a very sad day for the Second Life experience.

“Putting off this decision and hoping things would change again did work for some time, but eventually I can’t ignore the facts. So let me be straight and say that they way things look now there won’t be any new builds from me.”

The “Nicholaz Edition” of the Second Life Viewer Put to Bed
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