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Times OnlineA short, but interesting article in the Times Online (U.K.) about… well, a slightly eclectic article about a few things. It almost looks like they found a three or four sentence blurb and used it as an excuse to publish something about Second Life.

The Times of the U.K. seems to have a serious love-hate relationship with Second Life. I believe there is mention of, and likely a dedicated article about SL once a week if not more often. Hey, that’s cool.

But this eclectic article does say a couple things of merit:

“We are at a turning point where the technology is just about catching up with what we want to do with it,” says Cockrill, chief executive of Movix. “But I think people have only just begun to see the real possibilities here.”

There is a small mention of new technology that’s being worked on: the ‘fourth dimension’ is what they called it (though we all know the fourth dimension is time – they are referring to touch.)

“Second Life is a totally unstructured world, like Burning Man. You turn up, you don’t know what’s going on, there’s a lot of nude people and an 8ft transvestite. Only about 10% of people are going to get past that.”

Second chance for Second Life – Times Online

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