Reuters: Vivox to Lipsync: No voice for you

Eric Reuters (Second Life for Reuters News) is in New York at the Virtual Worlds Expo…
I noticed his original news posting about lip syncing before And now an update: Vivox won’t open it’s stream to 3rd-party developers.

Is it a shame? yes and no.
personally, I don’t thinks it’s really that big of a deal as to whether the lips on the faces of avatars inside Second Life actually sync to spoken words or not. The current description is that it is as though watching a foreign-language movie that has been dubbed.

I think that’s perfectly fine and acceptable. I feel so because more important than my avatar’s lips actually matching what I’m saying is the indication that I’m using voice – period. Those with the voice system turned off will have a visual indication that I am using voice and not some vegetating “away’ avatar standing like a frozen statue for no reason at all.

Besides, even with a good-sized computer screen, the default perspective views don’t allow one to see another’s avatar face very clearly to begin with. I would have to manually ‘cam’ in close to the speaker’s face to even come close to being able to see whether their lips are actually synced to what they are saying anyway.

As for lip-syncing technology – it’s been around for some time. I remember when “Lips, Inc.” (get it? Lips-Inc = Lip-sync) was available for Poser, Studio 3d and many other 3D authoring, modelling and rendering applications. Though I admit, it is fascinating technology that they have found a way to make it work live, ‘on-the-fly’ in real-time.

There is a talkback from “Jennifer” that states the story was incorrect. Here talkback basically states that Vivox is actually looking at lip-syncing technology. She does not state how she knows this (for example if she is with the Vivox company or not) and who or how Vivox is approaching this idea. hence, the article itself might be correct (Vivox will not open their stream to 3rd parties and may instead be looking into incorporating technology directly into their product.)

“We’re keen on integrating lip-sync, though it’s held up on some implementation details on our end right now so there’s no particular time frame,” Tofu Linden told Reuters in Second Life.

Reuters/Second Life » Vivox to Lipsync: No voice for you

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