Second Life as strictly a host

And so it begins…
it’s the move we all knew Linden Lab would make… eventually. That is to simply be a host to the virtual world… supplying servers and resources and that’s about it.

Big Guns IBM has the cash and weight to throw around to basically get Linden Lab to do whatever IBM wants. And so, it begins…

IBM will host own private area on Second Life
IBM will be the first company to stake out a custom area of virtual world Second Life and deploy it behind its own firewall. IBM plans on using its private piece of Second Life to enable secure, rich communciation, collaboration and content creation among its employees. [sic]

The announcement today, ahead of the Virtual Worlds Conference 2008 this week, signals a potentially new direction for San Francisco’s Linden Lab, which created Second Life. By giving companies and organizations the ability to deploy its Second Life Grid with their own servers, it’s opening up the concept of virtual worlds to a wider audience, helping drive adoption.

The Technology Chronicles : IBM will host own private area on Second Life

UPDATE: Per Reuters – IBM will host the regions on their own servers –

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