Second Life® on Samsung

According to Business Wire, it’s official… and not just playing around. Apparently Samsung is sold on the idea that there are those of us who absolutely cannot get enough of Second Life that we will actually go in-world through a telephone.

I won’t elaborate – here’s the quote from the story:

The latest in a series of tools designed to enrich the Second Life Grid®, the platform behind the popular 3D virtual world created by Linden Lab®, Samsung brings the Second Life virtual world to Samsung mobile phones. With the Second Life client available on Samsung’s mobile handsets, users can enjoy many services from the Second Life virtual world whenever and wherever. Unique features of the Second Life client on Samsung’s mobile handsets include a mixed blogging platform that allows users to post their blog simultaneously in the real world and the virtual world of Second Life, and the Samsung Mixed Contact feature which allows users to have mixed world contact by communicating with avatar friends via voice or SMS. The Second Life client on Samsung’s mobile handsets is compatible with Windows Mobile devices. Samsung developed its mobile application for the Second Life world based on the open source client from Linden Lab and has plans to allow mobile handsets in the U.S. to access the Second Life world before the end of the year.

Head over to take a peek at the whole article:

Samsung Showcases Innovative Wireless Solutions At CTIA Wireless 2008
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