SL is a trademarked term. Refrain from using it for things like…

Ah yes… typical sarcastic blog entry about the clarification post on the Second Life® blog. But, in truth, I’ve never had a problem with any of it. Except for one simple rule they try to make. My only issue is how can you trademark a pair of initials? My beef is with the trademark claim on the initials “SL”. Now, you can trademark them if they are in a particular context, but that requires more words.

So – does “Sign Language” no longer have a right to be truncated to “SL”? What about all the other terms that are truncated this way?

Well, I’m going to go ahead and continue using “SL Review” as the title of this blog. Now according to Linden Lab™ I am breaking the rules. Not so much because I am not using the little “TM” next to it, but rather because I have only one proper noun after those initials and they say I must have two.

The same with my other blog “SL Attitude”.

Well – even though this blog focuses on musings from within and about Second Life, my “SL” is simply a truncation of the full title: “Silly Little Review”.

Oh, and SL Attitude is really “Seriously Laughable Attitude” – but there’s not enough room in the banner to make it look good. So I’ll stick with what I have.

So there.
Take that, Linden Lab.  :)

3. Can I use SL with my product, domain or organization name?Yes, under our special license to use “SL.” You can use “SL” with your own trademark.

More on the Trademark Policy « Official Second Life Blog

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