Second Life good for the disabled

It’s no secret by now that Second Life, with all it’s frustrating problems of stability and bugs, and all the seedier side of things, such as cybersex and griefers, also is a great place where real good things can happen.

We’ve heard about how corporations are using the virtual space as a way to cut costs and make meetings and collaboration far more efficient than is can be in the real world. How educators are using it for experiments, educational curriculum and even as long-distance learning centers. and then there are those whose real lives can be changed in a positive way through their virtual lives.

I personally know of a couple people who, in real life dread going into public for a couple reasons. One of whom was in a car accident a couple years ago and is unable even to speak or move around easily, find that Second Life allows her to be ‘normal and beautiful’ again.

We’ve also read stories about how the psychological affects of SL can be ‘damaging’ to many and, yet highly positive to others. has a great story of the latter. Featuring a few residents, the story centers around how Second Life is being used to help those within the autistic spectrum and their families.

“For people with autism, we’ve found it’s a very nice way of setting up situations they might come across in their everyday lives,” Bignell said. “For people who have social, emotional, communicational problems … we can get them familiar with an environment before they actually try it out in real life.”

iReport: ‘Naughty Auties’ battle autism with virtual interaction –

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