Is the great mystery of “search ranking” finally solved?


At least, we’re a little closer, thanks to Jeska Linden and her timely blog post.

Now – where are all the residents who complain about Torley posting tutorials when only posts about the grid’s stability should matter? Will they chastise Jeska for this ‘irrelevant’ post, too?

What will no-doubt be one of the more popular and most visited posts on the Second Life™ blog, Jeska Linden reveals tips that will help merchant and other residents improve their search rankings. However, the post makes it seem somewhat as though the Lindens, or at least most other than the engineers and developers, are still a bit in the guessing stage.

Either way, this blog post is timely, if late, and will no doubt start the frenzy of activity as resident merchants frantically work to implement these tips

“Over the last few months, we’ve compiled some of the best practice tips and guidelines to help improve the relevance and search ranking for your classified ads, parcel listings, object descriptions, profiles, etc.”

Tips to Improve Your Search Ranking « Official Second Life Blog

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