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Image © Linden Lab, Second Life is a registered trademark of Linden LabOur wonderfully cheerful Second Life friend Torley Linden posted more tutorials this morning, subject: voice controls. Unfortunately, the gripers and voice-haters come out of the woodwork again. In all the blog talkbacks, 90% of the ‘squeaky wheels’ dump on Torley and anyone who tries to speak any reasoning to them. Of course, it’s the loud minority that gets all the attention. So be it.

Of the few talkbacks that try to speak some reason – whether it’s the fact that the voice abilities in Second Life have hardly any load or bearing on how SL itself operates – the ‘voice-haters’ still insist forcing their ideas down everyone else’s throat. Simply because they don’t want to be found out they are really a guy playing a girl in SL – in secret.

Or some other secretive reason they desperately don’t want others to know about.

What other reasonable, plausible cause would they have for their vile hatred of a pretty simple, and incredibly useful technology? And they always find a way to justify their hatred: “Sl is unstable and voice is the cause” or “fix SL instead of putting features” and so on.

Okay – if that’s the case… and voice as a feature is hosing the Grid – then let’s remove the voice feature from Second Life.

While we’re at it, let’s follow another suggestion made in the talkbacks: Let’s remove all “flexi” (felxible prims) capability. But why stop there?

Let us also remove all particle effects, too. Those can cause huge lag in a crowded area where they might be overused. Oh, wait – all ‘networked’ vending machines should be abolished as well. Come to think of it, since we are talking about the grid’s performance issues – I think all textures and screenshots uploaded should automatically be limited and resized to 128 by 129 pixels in size.

Oh, but wait… water should not be animated and the particle clouds used in the currently ‘traditional’ viewer (as opposed to WindLight) should be abolished, too. Oh, and WindLight itself should not be introduced. In fact – scripted prim attachments should also be abolished. After all, those “MultiGadgets” can kill a sim if you get more than two or three on the same sim together. So… no more scripted HUDs, please!

In fact, let’s also just remove all scripted objects completely.

OH! I almost forgot… if you get more than say six or seven people in the same location – especially on the mainland – grid performance and stability (from these individuals’ perspectives) drops drastically low. It’s horrible!

So let is also abolish all avatars. No more avatars to clog the system performance! There! That will solve everything! Someone please put this suggestion into the Public JIRA, quick!

In fact – it’s the easiest solution of all: remove all avatars and you won’t have to bother with removing all those other features that cause grid instability I suggested above.

The grid would be ridiculously stable then, wouldn’t it? It doesn’t matter how popular all these ‘features’ are. The important thing is that grid instability is vastly unpopular. And since all these things combined are the cause of it – they should all be abolished!

So… among all the talkbacks – DaQbet put it most eloquently:

DaQbet Kish Says:
“Obviously Im parroting what I see as nothing more then speculation offered up as fact. After a almost a year of reminding people that Voice is a choice and that many things can cause lag the voice haters still cant resist attacking anyone who dares to mention Voice and Second Life in the same sentence. Why no lashing out at Troley’s many other helpful tutorials other then to take cheep shots when ever the opportunity arises. Ill comment no further. And once again thank you Torley for your efforts.”

So – all you voice-haters: just turn it off and nevermind. Stop forcing your ideas and ‘solutions’ down everyone elses throats and keep to yourself.

All you bling-haters, turn it off in your viewer and nevermind. See above.
All you particle-haters: turn it off and nevermind. See above.

All you script-haters: turn around and walk the other way. I don’t see how you can turn those off!

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