The Second Life® Brand Center – about time?

inSL BannerI think it is about time.
There have been a lot inquiries to Linden Lab about getting a hold of the Second Life logo for use in or out of world. So this new logo program is a good idea and, no doubt, it wasn’t invented yesterday. These things take a lot of time to prepare and build, long before such an announcement.

So, do you plan to sign-up? I do.

And yes, I stole their banner right off their page! But i have 90-days to apply and make myself legal.  >:)

Though I am still laughing really, really hard at all the childish replies on the blog post.

could also use the inSL logo in marketing materials, on your website, on your letterhead, in conference materials, in presentation slides, on promotional items, on product packaging, and in other areas where you wish to promote your contributions to the Second Life world.

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