SL Borked Again. WOOT!

Oh the joy!
Like the Rezzable Dinosaurs, SL went kablooey. Again.
I really should have known better!

I was working on a few things. Suddenly, I noticed the scripts weren’t working. No response. They weren’t resetting. In fact, it was bizzare: I got the old error that there are no scripts in the object.

Of course there are scripts in the object. I’m looking at them. Just put them in there as a matter of fact.

 So I took the object back into inventory and set it out again. Now, the delay in the object jumping out of world and into my inventory should have beena loud, bright clue. But it went eventually and I was multitasking in Fireworks and Photoshop at the time, so my full attention wasn’t in-world.

When I set the object out again, the scripts should have reloaded. Nothing. Hmmm…

Okay – let’s restart the sim.

I go back to work off-line and return about 10 or 15 minutes later. “Region unavailable, you are being moved to a nearby [read: half-way across the SL globe] location.” I end-up at my home location, currently set to Naoki’s shop.

Okay – I go to map and search for my estate. There it… why is it still red, reading “offline”? Okay – just stand there, go back to offline work. 10-minutes later, search the map again. Funny. Still offline. Must be my viewer.

I log out and back again. STILL offline. Okay – contact support.

So, in the chat, TJ tells me he’ll get the sim marked to return to online status, but that it might be very slow because of the database issues. I thank him and move on.

Not two-minutes later comes the Linden in-world notice to not perform any land transactions or L$ transactions at all. LL BLOG is updated.

I laugh.

Yes, laugh.

I am not going to whine and be all pissed-off because the database is borked, my sim is down and all money I earn in SL is in or on (vendors and servers) that sim – so as my sim is offline and effectively dead to the SL world… I laugh.

I don’t consider SL to be a game. But I don’t stake my life on it either. And, I have no doubt the Linden weekend crew are jumping through bootstraps to get things working again.

So, back to offline work for me… with a chuckle and a smile.

Did the Sunday database borking piss you off?
If so, I can only shake my head and ask why?

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