CAD software in Second Life? not quite…

Siemens is one of those companies using their presence in Second Life the right way.

They are actually expanding their presence with regard to their “PLM” software, a Computer Aided Design application suite. Now, I’ll admit I had no idea Seimens even made CAD software. But this is a fascinating use of Second Life to further information and educate potentials on it.

A quote from Design News:

“Recognizing the growing importance of 3D life in the virtual world, Siemens PLM Software is expanding its presence in the popular Second Life community with a new tool that lets visitors create their own 3D Razor Scooter while exposing them to the possibilities of CAD software.”

To me, this is awesome.
I’ve heard about other companies doing similar things, such as Dell computers allowing residents to build their own customized computer, and then being able to purchase a real life version of their own creation. This is pretty cool and I’d likely go try it, except that I prefer a more ‘vertical’ brand of system than the off-the-shelf brands (even if it is customized.)

“Virtual communities like Second Life are increasingly becoming important collaboration forums for companies, according to a new report from Forrester Research Inc. titled “Getting Real Work Done in Virtual Worlds.” The report notes that virtual worlds have advantages over other approaches to communication and collaboration, including the ability to “let people work with and share digital 3-D models of physical or theoretical objects.”

I thought this was an interesting read – not as much about the PLM software or Siemens themselves, but in how they are using Second Life to their own advantage.

It would appear that corporations coming into Second Life are finally starting to ‘get it’.

Full article here:
Siemens PLM Software Expands Presence in Second Life – 3/4/2008 4:59:00 AM – Design News

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