But, no one uses voice! You shouldn’t either!

Yeah. Right.

Just because I don’t like something, I should force my views down your throat and force you to abide by my wishes. It doesn’t matter that it’s only optional for me. You must be forced to live and act and be allowed as I see fit.

That’s a common theme in the talkbacks on the LL blog post about the new veiwer. What ridiculous bunk. This viewer includes the voice feature turned on by default. The purpose to allow new users to hear others who are using voice… by default. Also, in this default setting, “push-to-talk” is the configuration. Hence, even if you are wearing a microphone-headset, you cannot accidentally speak into the SL world, as you must press your middle mouse button, or the “talk” button to be heard (walkie-talkie-mode.)

I think it’s a great idea.

But, rather than simply turn the voice features off, there are those who blast Linden Lab for having this feature turned on, by default. Procaliming that voice is refused by the majority of SL users, and that it’s a failure, etc. I suspect they are all mesbians* doing the complaining. I say show me the stats. I want metrics so I can see your research that proves what a genius you are.

Another new feature finally introduced for full-time service is Identity Verification. When the hell did “Identity Verification” ever become “Age Verification”? I follow Linden Lab announcements and policies all the time. I have yet to ever see any official statement that this ‘name change’ has ever taken place. There is only a single instance where the term “Age Verification” was ever used by anyone at Linden Lab: Robin (Linden) Harper used the term on the blog when mentioning the beta testing period was beginning.Because of your misspoken statement, it is now “officially” ‘Age Verification’ as far as all the bloggers and LL Blog readers are concerned.

And you wonder why the effin hell they are always so damned vague?

Because too many boneheads take every word spoken, parse the hell out of it and then assume it’s policy and law. I for one can’t wait to turn ID Verification ON. I am referring to banning all non-verified people from my sim. Why? How many griefers will be verified? If you refuse to at least verify who you are, then I don’t need or want your company/business/presence/attitude/poaching/freebie-collecting-too-cheap-to-buy-anything/face anywhere around me. Just… you know, go away.

Then there’s good old Ann O’Tool. Just like clockwork, she comes crawling out from under her rock-of-negativity to shout her shrill complaints about anything and everything. For the last who-knows-how-long, it’s been content theft.

Okay folks: shoplifters exist in the real world. You actually lose money in that case: the wholesale cost you paid for it. In SL it’s not theft. You are not being deprived of anything. Rather it’s plagiarism.

It’s going to happen. Get used to it. Deal with it. Find a way around it.

Whatever it is that is being plagiarized, make it a freebie. Include landmarks and notecards with it. Get those people who wouldn’t know any better to at least know who you are and come to your shop.In other words, don’t be an Ann O’Tool and expect the Lindens to babysit your problems and drop a hammer on others every time you feel a need, but yet crucify the Lindens every time they dispense ‘justice’ in a direction you disagree with.

Ann: make up our minds, will you?

We’re getting confused. but worse, we’re getting tired of you. Usagi (U. M. on the Blog) has finally reverted to only using his initials because he’s either too lazy to type his name or too many others got tired enough to finally put him in his place. Or, it could be one of Ann’s alts! LOL. He always sounds a lot like Ann There are many others, but their names aren’t so recognizable because are usually just drive-by lashings.

This new release is a good one. It’s solid and stable and adds great new features. It’s optional… for now. Next release: WindLight. I am anxious to share what I am seeing with everyone else.

So, are you in agreement that voice in SL is refused by the ‘majority’ of all residents? And, that it’s a terrible idea to have it on by default for new users? And instead of turning it off for yourself, you need to force it down everyone else’s throats that they are wrong to use it and deny them?

Please… do explain.

*Mesbian: male driver of a female avatar proclaiming to love girls and girls only while in-world. Usually portraying themselves as a submissive or slave, but at times traipsing around as a Mistress who owns submissives or slaves.


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