Note: these pictures just don’t do the place justice!If you have never been to a Rezzable sim, you just don’t know what you’re missing. If you don’t move real fast, you’ll miss their Dinosaur sim permanently as it’s being destroyed at noon SLT today.Unfortunately, Real Life pulls me away and I can’t be there. You see, in true Rezzable fashion, something’s amiss… the process is supposed to be somewhat of an event… of some sort. I really hope Naoki (definately my better-half) can make it there in time to see what it is they plan and get lots of pictures is currently best known for their “Home of the Greenies” sim. a fascinating location that brings back fond memories of the wonderful Disney movie “Honey, I shrunk the kids” – and you’re one of the kids.I don’t know how long the Dinosaur sim has been around.  I visited there a month or so ago and found it very interesting, but rather static, and persistently dark (as in night time.)Either is didn’t hang around long enough then, or the fine folks at Rezzable have added something new. I don’t know which it is.  As I had remembered (almost too late) early this morning that the sim was being taken down, I zapped over there to get as many decent photos as possible.I hovered in the center, knowing the darkness and distance from my camera position would keep me relatively hidden in my photos (yes, I say photos, not screen captures,  Hamlet <winks>.) Suddenly, a bright, bright ‘orb’ or sphere surrounded me and weird green globs (particles) started emitting from it… and strange rays of light, all ruining my photography! I was being griefed! Then I noticed… I was the only one on the sim. it took a bit, but I then realized, this effect was part of the build!Holy leaping lizards, Batman! This is awesome! It’s apparently the meteor that killed-off the donis so long ago, coming in for a crash landing… or something. It was beautiful and stunning. That’s when I pulled my camera out for wider shots after trying to get at least one good shot of each dinosaur carcass… er… remains… whatever. If you get the chance and you are reading this before 12:00 PM Second Life Time (SLT) – search places for Rezzable, scan the list for Dinosaur and get over there before it’s too late and the place is gone forever.Sorry, I had to hit RL before I even thought about grabbing a SLURL to post here. See all my photos in larger versions here.


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