CMS for SL? This is just too funny.

Okay… so your in-world inventory is whacked because, though you’ve tried hard to keep it organized as you went along, by now it’s just this side of completely out of hand and a total mess. Right? Then let someone else manage it for you! WOOT! Ummm.. yeah… right…Oh, and of course, you keeping all that stuff in inventory is a heavy load on the asset server and makes everyone else in SL suffer. Well, that’s according to all the people on the LL blog who’ve been totally going silly stating the same complaints over and over every time the asset server hiccups. They always tend to suggest that ‘nopay’ (No Payment Info on File) people be limited in the amount of inventory they are allowed to have – so to ease load on the servers.Well, good news! Now you can (apparently) hand-over all your inventory to a third party to manage and hold for you! Okay, I’m being sarcastic here. But, please… anyone who has so much inventory that they need to hire a company to manage it for them is a complete pack-rat.And remember, these PR firms and releases always spin things to make them look better than they really are. Note the excerpt below where it is stated “…the first and best solution…”Okay, if your are the only one, then obviously you’re the first. And if your are the first and only one, of course you’re the best, because there isn’t any others to benchmark you from.Ummm… duh. Now, please understand… I’m not knocking this company, or even the concept. In fact, it’s a good concept. What I’m rolling my eyes at are the people that might feel a need for such a service. And then I chuckle at the thought. In reality, I wish the company the best of business luck.Please understand that I won’t personally be using your services because I’m not so sure I want to give-up that feel-good tactile touch on all my stuff and heave trust to someone else.I’m already forced to trust Linden Lab, after all.  ;-) 

Beatenetworks – Revolutionary Storage Device for Second Life AssetsThe CEO of Beatenetworks, B. Koenig said “one of the main things that business users have lacked inside Second Life is a robust CMS (content management system). We are pleased to offer the first and best solution for managing content in world, and we look forward to adding new features to the system over time.”


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