ZOMG! It’s the END of SL as we know it!!!

Well – at least this is what all the “voice” naysayers will proclaim.

Remember how Linden Lab introducing “Voice” to SL was going to ‘kill’ the grid? Notice how the naysayers are still proclaiming that voice is a ‘failure’? I just can’t stop laughing so hard.

Then that survey… asking about cool new voice features, like your own phone number and voice-to-text-to-voice capabilities and all that. Wow. Isn’t technology wonderful? It’s on it’s way. Oooh, this press release is so going to burn the ‘voice-haters’. I love it!

NEC connects real world phones to the “Second Life” world with their IP Voice and Media Solution
The NEC Communicator will be located at “Tokutoku Pocket Island” in the Second Life world during Mobile World Congress 2008. NEC launched “NEC Island”, “Tokutoku Pocket Island” and several other virtual points of presence in September 2007 to initiate branding, marketing and new business opportunities activities in the virtual world.


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