Tired old New York Times Still Can’t Get it Right

So, the New York Time must be infatuated with Second Life. I mean, honestly.

Not only is there a mention of (read: full-blown article about) Second Life practically every week, but it’s usually old news and, on top of that – they still can’t get it right.

Ummm, hel-lo? Second Life (and practically all other virtual worlds) is not “web-based”. It doesn’t require the web at all. In fact, clicking a SLURL (Second Life Uniform Resource Locater) still requires the stand-alone Second Life Viewer.

I would say ‘hey, dolts, get a clue for once’. But, it is the New Your Times. No sense wasting my breath. Anyway, if you want to read yet another article about job interviews in SL – go for it. Link and excerpt follows:

The Job Interview, Starring Your Avatar – New York Times
Finally, after thanking me for my time, Mr. Gould stood up, shook my hand and flew away.

No, this wasn’t some technophile fantasy, nor was it my debut in local surrealist theater. Instead, Mr. Gould and I were sitting at computers on opposite sides of the same room. We were meeting in Second Life, the Web-based virtual world that is owned and operated by his employer, Linden Lab.


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