Second Life Herald: Finally a decent Op/Ed

The SL Herald is a real joke as of late.

Sloppy writers, stupid stories intended to troll flames and beat-up on other residents and just plain garbage. It’s just another tabloid sitting on the shelf next to the “Globe” and “National Enquirer” on the supermarket checkout stand.

Finally, a very good article (Opinion Editorial) comes along by Victoria Wheeler.

Congratulations, Victoria. A very good article I hope many more residents will read, so they don’t fall for the whole SL Banking and Exchange shell games and loose all ther ‘fictional play money’.

Read Victoria’s article here:

Second Life Herald: Op/Ed: Exposed & Shamed, SL Banking Silently Slinks Away
Three months later, their SL bank had closed, and that avatar had disappeared, along with the considerable ‘fictional’ cash reserves of their SL bank. To compound the problem, they had pointed the finger of blame at someone else. I was glad I had seen it coming, and that I never invested a single Linden in their ventures.


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