Funny-money banks are fading away… but a real one arrives?

Yes, Linden Lab shutdown all the virtual banks (well, the ones offering a return on investment, anyway,) unless there were licensed and registered and all that hogwash.

And, as the banks closed down or realigned themselves, the next big question had to do with all the virtual stock exchanges.

Personally, I don’t see a need for a ‘bank’ inside SL. Neither do I see the need for a virtual stock exchange. But, a real-world back… that would handle the exchange of Lindens (L$) and real-world dollars… even manage a real world portfolio from within SL?

Food for thought?
The things that make you go ‘hmmmm’

Take a peek here:
Virtual money: the next big thing in the payments market?: “… according to a report by Finextra, Danish online investment bank Saxo is establishing an office in Second Life and plans to offer residents the chance to manage real-life portfolios from within the virtual world. The bank says that it may also eventually create a market to trade the virtual Linden dollar against real-world currencies.”

(…still won’t likely touch it, though) ;)


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