RL Cars in SL? Yep.

I’ve never really understood the whole concept of cars in Second Life. Jet paks, starships, even plain old planes I can wrap my mind around. Boats, too. but cars? Well, to each their own, I guess. Regardless of my understanding why they exist (and sell popularly for big bucks,) they are hear to stay.

For real now.

iMagicLab is opening a customer center in Second Life. Now, this means you can connect to a Real Life car dealer in SL locally down the road or across the world. Supposedly, you’ll actually be able to shop for a new RL car in SL.

Okay, when I bought my last truck, I tried to shop for it online through the plain old web. It turned out to be a nightmare. But, that was eight years ago. Things are far better today. And now, from withing SL, you’ll soon enough be able to shop models and perhaps ‘test-drive’ one.

I know, I’m laughing out of my chair, too.

iMagicLab to Open Virtual Customer Center in Second Life
Owings Mills, MD (PRWEB) January 28, 2008 — iMagicLab is pleased to announce that it will launch a new Automobile Dealer Relations Center (ADRC) for the expanding inhabitants of the virtual world “Second Life”. On the iMagicLab island “AutoLand”, Second Life avatars can visit a new multi-brand showroom, experience custom cars and chat with up to fifty nationwide car dealers at a time about pricing, availability and service issues.


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