It wouldn’t be so funny, if it weren’t so real…

I remember a bit ago, some boneheaded journalist seriously eclaiming ‘injuries and deaths’ in Second Life. A  virtual world. Well, Network World has an article that starts out sounds just as ridiculous and idiotic.

Except that the main thrust of the article is very serious, indeed. The stupid part is quoted below. On the face of it,this author is a laughing stock. However, because this soy is so similar to the one I spoke of earlier, from Australia… perhaps this auther still is a bonehead?

Does Al-Qaeda need a Second Life? – Network World
Bad things can happen in Second Life. Just ask presidential candidate John Edwards–whose virtual campaign site was defaced–or the owners of American Apparel–whose virtual store was bombed and invaded by armed avatars who shot and injured several virtual customers. In Second Life, the popular virtual reality game created by Linden Research, these kinds of incidents are referred to as “griefer” attacks.


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