NASA Dreams of an Interplanetary ‘Second Life’

Now this is what I’m talking about!

Everytime we hear of or read about Second Life, the visions of cyber sex and griefers dance through our heads. Thousands of peoploe just wasting their time, right?

What you may or may not be aware of are the beneficial sides of SL and how it’s being used in a therapeutic way by so many. handicapped and other people use it to experience  what we others call a ‘normal’ life.

People separated from loved ones use it as an intimate way to remain close while separated so far apart. and now even NASA is considering jumping on that bandwagon.

Imagine flying to Mars to explore the desolate planet. How long will it take to get there? Once there, how long will you stay? And then there’s the return trip. Just how lonely will you get there? How do you keep from going stir-crazy?

NASA is looking into that very thing and they have SL and WoW in their sights.
NASA Dreams of an Interplanetary ‘Second Life’ for Mars Crew
While aerospace engineers are designing the Ares rockets to be deployed in the Mars missions, a more starry-eyed contingent at NASA is testing networking and virtual reality technologies that they think will connect the first wave of Mars pioneers with their families, friends and colleagues back on Earth, in a 3-D virtual world cut from the mold of Second Life or World of Warcraft.


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