Even Microsoft needs a Second Life

A fascinating article from the tech news front regarding Microsoft and how adept it is as coming from behind to clobber competition that is way out if front of it.

Remeber Microsoft vs. Netscape for example. Netscape was the defacto standard web browser. Now, for better or worse, it;s Internet Explorer – which is now actually based on Mozilla!

And then there are those of use who remember WordPerfect. But now, everything seems to need to be in Microsoft Word format to be compatible enough to throw around from person to person.

And now – the new “3-D Web” will be the new battleground to be faught. The problem (or benefit, depending on who you ask) is that Microsoft doesn’t even see it yet. How fascinating!

Read the article. Then, tell me what you think. Would it be a good thing or a bad thing if Microsoft develops what becomes the defacto 3D Web viewer?

Redmond Developer News | Mastering the Game
Microsoft is spending a ton fighting yesterdays Web 2.0 battles, yet invests a pittance on the area most crucial to Microsofts future. Microsoft very much needs to get a second life, to support the Microsoft pioneers in SL with serious resources and to start to learn its way around SL now — before its too late


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