Windlight Makes for Ugly Avatars

Over at SLNN, another Windlight review was dropped on their readers (this was posted a week or two ago – I read it then, but wanted to revisit this). Now, in fairness, a new First Look of windlight has been released since then, but the graphic enhancements are still the same.

However, according to the author, and many others, the new Windlight ‘look’ creates havoc (no pun intended) on Avatar appearances:

The skinny on WindLight and skin
With its physics-based, ever-changing lighting, Linden Lab’s beta WindLight viewer can produce spectacular sunsets and realistic rippling water. But some residents aren’t happy about the way it makes their avatars look.

“I appreciate how WindLight has made me look at my sim in a whole different way,” Venus Petrov said. “Unfortunately, it’s also made me see my friends in a whole different way, too.”
Specifically, Petrov said, WindLight “dirties the skin” and “creates shadows and lines that aren’t there in the regular version.”

I say deal with it. Linden Lab will not be able to satisfy everyone all the time. In truth, I;m not for or against Windlight. I could live with it or without it. I think things are fine just the way they are, but I don’t mind the other new features in it as well, such as Avatar Imposters and the like.

Being involved in 3D since 1987, I have to say that the lighting and shadowing in Windlight actually make your avatar and skin look better. Though I do think the default sky color is a bit bright, it is realistic.
The problem is in the comfort zone everyone has fallen into. Change means discomfort because we prefer things the way they are.

I say deal with it and get a ‘life’.


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