Windlight: Fasten Your Seatbelt

 Prok has another opinion on things – this time about Windlight, the new graphic angine coming to SL.

I like Prok’s articles, though sometimes it’s difficult to follow along as ‘he’ tends to use those big, fancy words and grammar tricks.

This one is well-written. Giving the ‘inside scoop’ on Windlight the way it really is. yes, I know, Prok isn’t the only blogger to complain about the issues with Windlight hosing things up.

But he covers the real issues – not the ‘omg! my face looks terrible!’ girly-girl diva whining. I actually think the avatars look better in the side-by-side sample pictures I’ve seen.

Thanks, Prok – this is a good article that mentions the issues we won’t really start hearing about until they roll this out. Perhaps your video card is at fault. but that’s okay – because I suspect you’re in the majority with regard to system capabilities of users of SL.

Check out his article. it’s a good one. And fasten your seatbelt, Windlight’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful
Windlight destroys immersiveness, and makes the world a set of pretty postcards to blog about. It makes the world thinner, and makes it “like the Internet” because it makes parcels like web pages and not immersive worlds. I think that’s the idea.


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