Influx of Real Word developers on the way?

The following headline appeared in the Redmond Developer News:

Get a (Second) Life!

So why is this so important?

Simple, it means things are going to get interesting in SL with regard to scripting and scripted objects. The article is targeted to real world developers – software authors and engineers.

The good news is that things will get very interesting in SL. Very interesting.

The bad news is the copetition is going to skyrocket. Object builders like myself and my partner and practically every other builder in SL are going to see increased competition in scripts and scripted objects. And yes, there already are many RW developers building in SL.

But, for builders like myself, where I’m not a scripter, the times will become a bit more difficult. At Zodiac House (Land of Hope sim) we rely more on the design and look of our builds over functionality. So it’s the look that people rely on. As for gadgets and other things, it’s the functionality that matters to the buyer.

But, when will functionality become the overriding purchasing decision for everything? 

An excerpt from the article:

The foundation for much of this is the Linden Scripting Language (LSL), officially described as: “An internal, event-driven, C/Java-style language that allows you to control object and avatar behavior, up to and including mini-games and other complex programs.” This is where it gets interesting for creative programmers and developers. LSL is sufficiently familiar to anyone who knows C# (or C or C , or Java). It’s also sufficiently different from what most of us already do (unless we’re hard-core game developers) to let us explore a very different realm of programming.


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