Mac Users Welcomed, Too

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Mac users are as welcome as anyone else in this world, but the simulation was originally developed for Windows, so some aspects of Second Life work differently on a Mac.

We’ve all known about the funky interface and commands and controls of the SL viewer. Now, lay down on top of that – “Windows-standard’ commands and menus – even on the Macintosh version.

How funky is that? Really?

I use both Windows XP and Macintosh.

Ironically, Second Life runs better on my dinky little MacBook (no, not the ‘Pro’) than it does on Windows XP (no plans to touch Vista with a 100-foot pole). I mean more stable and better framerates and little lag. Go figure. No hidden message there – I’m serious.

However, I’m also in the IT profession along with graphic design. I’m used to both platforms and they’re both pretty good. However, Second Life is a platform all it’s own.

With SL on a Mac, it’s a whole second set of menus and keyboard shortcuts. Even as a pro Mac user, I still get flustered when I try to ‘cam’ around, for instance. Yes, I know how to do it expertly on Windows, but when I’m at my Mac keyboard, my mind knows it and muscle-memory switches to Mac-specific paradigms.Well – the mentioned article is written for Mac users who want to jump into the world of Second Life.

Not only does it explain how to join and use Second Life, it does it all from the Macintosh User’s perspective! Woot!

And for the record, I do use Second Life on my Windows machine, simply because my Mac is a lot easier to get work done on. When I multi-task work and ‘play’ – the Mac does the heavy-lifting (RL work) and Windows is the ‘toy’.

And I love both platforms – they both have their merits. So, no Mac vs. Windows flames, please. :)

OH! And I don’t know what SL looks and works like on Linux. Just never had the opportunity to play with it there.


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