SL considered one of four most popular

This headline got my attention: The four most popular social networking sites

Okay, so I had to look. It’s a simple list that also includes Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, as the most popular. Second Life comes in at the bottom of this list, but it isn’t made clear that these are presented in any particular order.

But what’s refreshing here is the way the information is presented. No apparent opinions – just straight facts. For instance, it seems everyone who writes about SL always has to squeeze-in the naughty side of it.

However, this article makes it plain without the hoopla:

“It is a semi-structured virtual environment where characters undertake activities for the purpose of personal enjoyment.”

“Despite its prominence, Second Life has notable competitors, including There, Active Worlds, and the more “mature” themed Red Light Center.”

Read it here.


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