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More on Trademarks >> Still bogus

This will be the last entry for the foreseeable future on this blog. Laurap Linden finally made another SL blog posting on the trademarks issue. It is a consoderably better post with far more detail than the previous efforts. Unfortunately, trademark law is really complicated and a lot of what the law actually allows – […]

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Not so sure that this could be called a Second Life® news or bulletin or a hints and tips site or any of that. In truth, all you’ll find here are my highly opinionated opinions about things. And, if you wish to participate, a dialog.

Hell, I might even throw in a tip or two.
Hope to see you around.

Oh, and “Ari Blackthorne” is my SL name.

I don’t keep my real life secret, but don’t throw around details of it either.

If you really want to know who I am, ask. If your reason for knowing is compelling enough, I’ll divulge.

In the mean time, enjoy.

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